I think this is kinda cool: I made a visualization of the length of the day in the cities I’ve been in.


In Sweden, people talk about the length of the day in the same way people talk about the weather.

Sites like timeanddate.com have these cool visualizations for how long the day is. (Surprise, the site is based out of Norway!)

I can recreate a few. For example, here’s Los Angeles’s, at 30°N.

graph of LA sun

And here’s Tromsø, Norway, at 70°N.

graph of Tromsø sun

I think these are a cool mix of astronomy, squiggly lines, and places in the world.


I used a dataset of where I lived over the last few years. I computed the amount of daylight in a given place on a given day. The result is like a bunch of those above graphs squashed together, like a piecewise function.

many years of daylight

It especially highlights things like when I moved to California, or when I visited Tromsø and the sun didn’t come up.

No daylight in Tromsø

Project technical highlights