This blog

This blog’s theme is “things Jessica feels like writing about.” I usually feel like writing about programming and data-y things. Other times, I feel like writing about productivity or my adventures.

For technical posts, my blogging philosophy can be summarized by these posts by Sacha Chua and Julia Evans. I err towards “actually publishing things” over perfection, and so I might make mistakes and I might edit posts after publishing (though their history is public.)

Abridged Bio

Right now, I’m doing a masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh.

Previously, I was a software engineer at Yelp in San Francisco, building things like infrastructure for A/B experiments, metrics, and an activity feed. I graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in Computer Science.

I’ve lived in a bunch of places, including three different countries and all of the continental US’s west coast states. But who’s keeping track?


I link to my profiles in the footer. If you want to hire me, you can also contact me through LinkedIn.