Abridged Bio

I’m a software engineer working on machine learning at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, I was a software engineer at Yelp in San Francisco, hacking on infrastructure for A/B experiments, metrics, and an activity feed. I studied Machine Learning at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College in southern California.

I’ve lived in a bunch of places, including three different countries and all of the continental US’s west coast states. But who’s keeping track?

This blog

This blog’s theme is “things Jessica feels like writing about.” I usually feel like writing about programming and data-y things. Other times, I feel like writing about productivity or adventures.

For technical posts, my blogging philosophy can be summarized by these posts by Sacha Chua and Julia Evans. I err towards “actually publishing things” over perfection, and so I might make mistakes and I might edit posts after publishing, and edited posts’ history is public.)

This blog is built using jekyll and the minima theme.